436 SBC ProCharger F2 1200-1500 HP


*  Motown II World Block, High Density Casting

* Callies Crank

* Billet induction hardened cam

* F2 ProCharger comes with Air to Air Intercooler

* Custom CNC ported heads, AFR / Hekimian

* Jesel Rocker Shafts

* Custom High density forged pistons

* Callies Ultra Forged Rods

* Gapless rings

* Shoot out Intake

* Custom Blowthru carb, 4 Floats, extreme tunability

* Billet vacuum pump

* MSD front mount distributor

* Jesel Belt timing drive


* Special machining, Mil-Coatings, Fully Cryogenically Treated



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