Gregg Hekimian has a passion for all motorsports, a lifetime of experience and education to make you a winner.  He is a designer, mechanical & physics engineer and builder of racing /street/marine performance engines.  Hekimian Racing Engines (HRE) is not a trial and error operation.  Results are known and proven using Real World Physics.

He utilizes cutting edge Vacuum Insulated Cryogenics, Military Coatings i.e. Thermal Barriers, Extreme friction Coatings, Dispersants and Hard surface Technology Thin Films in his designs.  He instills State of the Art Quantum Physics Technology to build Hi-Performance Drag Racing, Circle Track, Marine, Truck and Pro-Street engines with reliability, durability and cost in mind for the clients.

Engine types: Naturally Aspirated, Blown –Roots-Screw-Centrifical, Turbo’s.

Manufactures: Chevy, Ford, Mopar, AMC, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Toyota and Nissan

Custom: Billet aluminum Blocks, heads, all parts pertaining to Racing.

Hekimian Racing Engines