Thermal Barriers

Piston Thermal Barriers

Benefits of Thermal Barriers:

Reflect combustion temperatures away from piston top
Eliminates piston ring micro welding
Keeps pistons ring grooves flat, thus better ring seal
Drastically reduces carbon build up on piston tops
Prevents wrist pin bores from distorting
More Horse Power & Torque

Combustion Chambers
Reflect combustion temperatures away from Chamber
Reduces engine water temperatures
Directs combustion exhaust out the exhaust port with extreme air speeds
More Horse Power & Torque

Reflects combustion temperatures away from valves

Cylinder Head Exhaust Ports
Keeps hot exhaust gases from soaking through the water jackets
Makes a high velocity exhaust pressure to increase Horse Power & Torque

Cylinder Head Intake Ports
Keeps hot engine temperatures from soaking into cool air charge
Maintains Intake Manifold air charges cooler
Makes more Horse Power & Torque

Intake Manifolds
Prevents outside engine heat from soaking into intake runners
Cooler air charges
No hot oil temperatures soaking into bottom of intake
Keeps heat from soaking into flanges
More Horse Power & Torque