540 Big Block Chevy 700 HP Performance Street


  • All engines are not created equally.  This combination is not your average run-of-the-mill bolt together package like you may find elsewhere for less money.  Gregg Hekimian, MIT Thermal Physicist and Mechanical Engineer, personally designs and assembles each engine to exact specifications, getting it right the first time.

    Hekimian Racing Engines does not substitute quality, reliability or power for cost.  Each engine undergoes rigorous quality control checks.  You get what you pay for.  Our engines are  built to last and to handle brute forces.

    Materials are treated in house with patented Real Vacuum Insulated Cryogenics and Military Coatings (Mil-Coat). These Technologies are not available anywhere else. 

  • Block:  World, Merlin III, High density, 9.8″ deck, ARP all 5 mains
  • Crank: Scat, 4340 Forged, center counter weights, 2-pc seal, 4.250″ Stroke
  • Rods: Molnar, Forged 4340, H-Beam, 6.385″Long, Bushed, .990″ pin, ARP 2000 Bolts
  • Pistons: RaceTec, Custom Forged 4032, Mid Dome, 1.5mm x 3mm ring lands, CNC, Gas distribution groove, Pin oiler
  • Rings: Total Seal, Top Gapless, 1.5mm x 3mm, Napier 2nd
  • Cam: Erson, Hydraulic Roller, 3,500-6,500 rpm range
  • Heads: Imported, Aluminum thick strong castings, 360cc intake ports, 123cc Chambers, 371 cfm @ .700″roller springs, stainless 2.25″ /1.88″ valves, 11/32″ stems, performance valve job, moly guide plates, Clad / Viton(r) seals, steel 10^ retainers, CompCams 10^ locks, tall moly 7/16″ studs
  • Intake: Speedmaster, Shoot out, Aluminum, rectangle port, fitted to heads, 6.060″ tall, 3,500-7,500 rpms
  • Carburetion: Quick Fuel 850cfm
  • Ignition: All Star, Magnetic MSD clone
  • Oiling: Moroso, steel kick out, 8 qrt, trap door, Melling pump,
  • Fasteners: ARP, Grade 8, all hardened