SBC 400 Blown 750  HP

400 SBC 750 HP Blown

Product Description

  • Block: Dart SHP 4 bolt mains, 9.025″ deck, 2 pc rear seal, Grade 8 main bolts
  • Crank: Liberty / Scat 4340 forged, Nitride hardened, large radius journals, straight shot & chamfered oil holes
  • Bearings: King XP Racing series, rod, mains
  • Connecting Rods: Liberty / Scat 4340 forged, H-beam, 6″ long, stroker clearanced, ARP 8740 / 7/16″ bolts,
  • Pistons: RaceTec Forged 2618, double pin oilers, CNC diamond tooling, 1.5mm x 1.5mm x 3mm ring grooves
  • Rings: Total Seal, Gapless steel rings, excellent sealing qualities
  • Camshaft: Erson, Solid Roller, 8620 Cam core, induction hardened, 62 HRc minimum, surface case hard to .110″ depth
  • Lifters: Howards or Liberty solid rollers
  • Timing set: Liberty Billet cam and crank gears, double roller chain
  • Balancer: ATI internal balanced damper
  • Heads: CNC Imported Aluminum castings, 217cc, CNC Intake & Exhaust Ports, Thick decks, Vac Cryogenically treated in house at Hekimian Racing Engines,CNC 68cc chambers, quick air speeds, Liberty springs, Moly retainers, 10^ CompCams locks, Stainless valves, Clad viton seals
  • Rockers: Stud mounted Billet aluminum Scorpion rollers
  • Compression: 9:1 static, 93 octane required
  • Induction: The Blower Shop Large port intake manifold, Polished
  • Blower: Billet Blower Shop 8:71 polished, Billet drives and pulleys, 3″ 8mm belt
  • Carburetion: Twin Quick fuel 4150 series special circuits, 750 cfm
  • Ignition: MSD billet distributor, poly gear installed, mechanical advance
  • Oiling: Wet sump system,  steel kick out pan to fit your car, scarpers, doors
  • Fasteners: ARP hardware, USS Grade 8 throughout
  • Options: All engines can be provided with in house Military coatings and vacuum insulated Cryogenics technology


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